Questions and answers...

Why are your bristles made of nylon? Why not use something natural?

The only natural alternative to nylon (that has the same features to be suitable for bristle material) is either badger or boar hair. These are not quite the materials we would like to brush our teeth with.  As soon as there will be a more natural and sustainable material available, we will be sure to use that instead. At the moment we will stick with BPA-free Dupont Tynex nylon 6 bristles that are considered the highest quality bristles in the industry.

Where does the production happen?
Both our floss and bamboo toothbrushes are made in China. We tested factories from a couple of different countries but found that the quality of our Chinese factory was far superior to all others. Also, China is the largest manufacturer of both silk and bamboo so it makes a lot of sense to keep production in the homeland of the raw produce.

Where do you ship your products from?
We have 2 primary warehouses that we use - one in Tallinn, Estonia and one in Dallas, Texas. We ship from whichever one is cheapest and quicker for the customer.

Can we buy your products from retail stores?
At the moment you can buy our products from an Estonian online store "Elamise Kergus" ( We are working on more options at the moment so it would be easy to buy our products from different retailers in different cities and countries. 

How should I care for my bamboo toothbrush?
As bamboo is not an artificial material like plastic then it needs just a little bit more care. The best thing you can do for your bamboo toothbrush is to try to keep it dry while you're not currently using it. This will prolong the life of your toothbrush significantly.

Do you have vegan floss?
Vegan floss that's made of bamboo fiber should arrive in our store this spring.

Do you sell children's toothbrushes?
Not at the moment. Children's toothbrushes will arrive this spring.

Is it possible to get wholesale prices?
Absolutely! Just drop us an email on and we'll talk further!    

But what about the poor pandas? Aren't they going to starve when you make toothbrushes of their food?
We think it's adorable that people care so much about the cute pandas. The good news is that pandas don't actually eat Moso bamboo that our toothbrushes are made of. They like to snack on completely different bamboo species.

Got some more questions? If yes, then shoot us an email on and we will happily answer!